DfE approved Senior Mental Health Lead Training AVAILABLE

Why We Do It

Above all, minds matter

We know that every young person has the potential to soar through life and flourish – whichever path they choose to follow. But we also know that they can’t be a success by all by themselves.

In order to thrive, they need positive, well-rounded educators, role models, and mentors in schools. Specifically, adults who invest in their own mental health – so they can offer their very best to the young people in their care – and create the right environments for healthy young minds to develop.

As teachers ourselves, we know that creating a thriving generation ready for modern life is a big ask for educators. And that’s why we want to offer our support to you.

All our training and coaching interventions are designed to help you create a generation of school leavers who are emotionally healthy, and better able to navigate their way through 21st century life.


We champion the belief that in order to thrive, the mental wellbeing of young people is just as important as their physical health. Helping children to manage their mind and handle their emotions is as critical as teaching them to read and write.

But to make this a reality, educators like you must have access to the tools and techniques to be able to do this. We’re not born knowing how to manage our mental health, and most of us weren’t taught it at school.

And what’s more, research into this area is changing all the time, throwing up new theories and perspectives. It’s a challenge to keep up!

The commercial world – beyond the classroom – is offering employees mental health guidance, support, and intervention. We think that you deserve the same level of focus and support too.

Just like the dragonfly – we believe that children have the power and capability to hone their emotional strength in the face of change – growing and maturing into adults who can accept who they are, deal with setbacks, and confidently handle their emotions.

But to truly thrive, they need to be surrounded by professionals who have equipped themselves to deal with the modern way of life too.

Being ‘ready for modern life’

We’re working with children who live in a dynamic and changing world. And no doubt the pace of this change will continue to affect us all.

The notion of being ‘ready for modern life’ acknowledges this. It recognises that today’s young people – and the educational staff who nurture them – are having to live and learn in new ways.

Life today is unprecedented – characterised by increasing complexity, where there’s more choice, more uncertainty, and more risk ­– much of which is driven by advances in technology.

The need to help create emotionally strong young people – who have the courage to embrace change – has never been so important.

We can help you to support young people to overcome these modern challenges and manage the ever-increasing pressure they’re under.

And together, we can play some part in reducing the risk of mental health issues in school and beyond.