For Parents


We offer talks and webinars for parents throughout the year, providing information that will empower you to support your child.

As our children grow, so does our role as parents. We are required to evolve and change in response to the changing needs of our young people, but there is often precious little support for us in this vital role.

Our talks draw upon our broad range of expertise to help you understand the pressures faced by children, foresee potential pitfalls and feel prepared to help your child navigate their way through different ages and stages. Each session covers a topic such as:

  • Self Esteem
  • Social Media
  • Dealing with Change


We offer workshops in primary schools for groups of up to 8 children at a time. These workshops help to build children’s self-esteem: we combine a number of strategies into a 6-week programme in order to increase emotional resilience.

Workshops are suitable for children in Years 3-6 and places on the course cost £7.50 per session.

1:1 Sessions - Secondary

As teenagers go through secondary school, they face new and ever-changing pressures. Our bespoke 1:1 sessions help young people navigate their challenges and face the future with confidence and excitement.

What teenagers often need is guidance and support in applying what they know across a range of subjects. Our experience in tutoring tells us that students will often have a range of different tutors for different subjects when they already have the content and information they need from their lessons at school. Our bespoke sessions offer a holistic approach to help teenagers succeed across the board.


We would normally expect to work with a young person for between 6-12 sessions depending on need, but will tailor each package to the individual.

The first session will be about setting aims and we will provide you with an estimate of the number of sessions required.

The programme will blend therapeutic, coaching and educational strategies in order to help young people cope with the demands of modern life. For instance, they may wish to:

  • Manage their time more effectively
  • Deal with stress
  • Balance social pressures
  • Set goals
  • Study effectively
  • Get the best out of school

1:1 Sessions - Primary

Increasingly, we have had requests to work 1:1 with primary school children on issues such as anxiety, social skills, low self-esteem and feeling disengaged with education. For this reason, we are extending our service of bespoke 1:1 sessions to also work with children in Years 3-6. 

As with our sessions for teenagers, they will be tailored to the individual need of the child. In the case of younger children, we work with the child but also include time in the programme to liaise with parents.


The below are just an example of one of our standard packages. Please contact us to discuss your own personal requirements.
Dragonfly – Child (Years 3-6)
Dragonfly – Child (Years 3-6)
  • Bespoke sessions using teaching, mentoring, coaching, empathetic listening and/or creative therapy approaches. As part of the packages, we work with the child and liaise with the family.
  • 30-minute free parent consultation

  • Standard Package – delivered over 8 weeks

  • • 30-minute initial session with child including optional DISC personality profiling (child friendly)
  • • Sessions planned and information sent to parents
  • • 6 x 30-minute sessions face-to-face with child (1 to 1)
  • • Email support and advice for parents throughout the 8-week period
  • • Support and liaison with school if required
  • • All material for sessions supplied – e.g. scrapbooks, frames for storyboards, art materials
  • • Refreshments for child at each session
  • • Voluntary tasks for children between sessions
  • • Certificate at the end appropriate to each child
  • • 30-minute parent discussion at end of the package
  • DISC profiling for other members of the family is also available to help understand family dynamics.

£30/week for 8 weeks

Dragonfly – Young People (Years 7-13)
Dragonfly – Young People (Years 7-13)
  • Bespoke sessions integrating teaching, mentoring, coaching, empathetic listening and/or creative therapy approaches
  • 30-minute free parent consultation

  • Standard Package – delivered over 8 weeks

  • • 30-minute initial intake session including optional DISC personality profiling
  • • 4 x 45-minute face to face or Skype sessions (one-to-one)
  • • Email/text/phone support throughout the 8 weeks
  • • Access to all Dragonfly Webinars during the programme
  • • Support/liaison with school (within boundaries of client confidentiality)
  • • Refreshments and all materials provided
  • • Voluntary tasks between sessions
  • • Certificate for ROA on request
  • Individual Sessions available on request.

£25/week for 8 weeks


We are based in Allestree, Derby or Toton, Nottingham. Alternatively, we can travel to you or your child’s school or to your home within a certain radius. 

We are fully insured and have full enhanced DBS clearance including home checks.