We help build cultures that have wellbeing at heart

Through bespoke packages and consultancy, we provide best practice recommendations and training to help organisations create emotionally healthy teams. All of the work we do with business enables us to support young people and schools in the local community through 'The Dragonfly Wellbeing Project'.

First Aid for Mental Health Training

Suitable for all employers and employees

The Health and Safety Executive now recommend that companies include mental as well as physical health in their first aid provision training.

→ Health and Safety Executive Recommendations

→ Mental Health UK Guidance

We offer the Ofqual-regulated half-day Level 1, 1-day Level 2 and 2-day Level 3 qualifications in First Aid for Mental Health. Certification is provided by awarding organisation – First Aid Awards Ltd.

  • FAA Level 1 Award in Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health
  • FAA Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health
  • FAA Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health

Courses vary in content depending on level, but cover a range of topics such as:

  • What is First Aid for Mental Health?
  • Identifying mental health conditions
  • Providing advice and starting a conversation
  • Stress
  • Mental health conditions
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • First Aid for Mental Health action plan
  • First Aid for Mental Health in the workplace
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Self-harm
  • Suicide
  • Eating disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Anxiety

1:1 Coaching

1:1 and small group coaching for employees enabling them to set clear wellbeing goals and to be fully engaged in their own personal and professional development. We also coach managers who would like to support their teams more effectively.

Best Practice Consultation

We help businesses create wellbeing progammes and policies that reflect the strategic vision of the company and address the drivers that make people feel fulfilled and resilient. We also provide advice on supporting young workers transitioning from education to the workplace.


The below are just an example of one of our standard packages. Please get in touch to find out how Dragonfly can help support well-being in your business.
Dragonfly – Young Workers (Ages 16-25)
Dragonfly – Young Workers (Ages 16-25)
  • Bespoke sessions integrating mentoring and coaching.
  • 30-minute free consultation

  • Standard Package – delivered over 8 weeks

  • • 60-minute initial intake session including DISC personality profiling
  • • x 4 60-minute face to face or Skype sessions (one-to-one)
  • • Email support throughout the 8 weeks
  • • Access to all Dragonfly Webinars during the programme
  • • Certificate for CV on request
  • Individual Sessions available on request.

£40/week for 8 weeks

Dragonfly – Group Coaching
Dragonfly – Group Coaching
  • Bespoke sessions integrating teaching, mentoring, coaching, empathetic listening and/or creative therapy approaches
  • 30-minute free consultation

  • Standard Package – delivered over 12 weeks

  • • Groups of 4-6 people
  • • Initial consultation with employer/line manager to establish desired outcomes.
  • • Pre-programme phone conversations with each group member to answer any questions they may have, as well as to learn more about them and their goals.
  • • DISC personality profiling of each group member.
  • • A group programme offered face-to-face or virtually (using Zoom or Teams etc) delivered every other week for three month
  • • Email support throughout the 12 weeks for group members
  • Individual Sessions available on request.

£15 per employee, per week for 12 weeks