Our Philosophy

A thriving generation ready for modern life.

We wholly believe in the potential of young people and their ability to soar through life and make it a success, whichever path they choose to go down. But we also recognise that whilst modern life is bursting with opportunity, it’s also a bit scary and complicated.

We know first-hand that some children are dealing with some big issues. We’ve found that they often need an outlet, a listening ear, a chat, a different perspective. And the people that look after them – their families, their carers and their teachers – sometimes need a little help too. That’s where we come in.

Through bespoke one-to-one sessions, workshops, presentations, training, talks and programmes – our ambition is simple: to create a world where our children are emotionally healthy, with the tools they need to successfully steer through modern life.



We champion the belief that to thrive, the emotional wellbeing of children, is just as important as their physical health. Things can happen to a child that can trigger mental health issues – and change can be a catalyst, like moving house or a family bereavement.

It’s not uncommon to see pupils disengaged in class because they’re distracted by what’s in their head or what’s going on beyond the school gates. This can have a detrimental impact on their ability to learn and ultimately their progress.

Therefore, we also advocate that helping children to handle their emotions effectively is as critical as teaching them to read and write. Children aren’t born knowing how to manage their mind, and it’s not always taught in schools. The world of business is beginning to wise up to this fact, by offering employees mental health guidance, support and intervention and we believe young people deserve the same level of focus and support.

We work with young people, their families, their carers and their educators, by helping to tackle emotional wellbeing issues - so when they’re back in the classroom, they’re able to fully immerse themselves in what’s going on.

Just like the dragonfly – we believe that children have the power and capability to hone their emotional strength in the face of change - growing and maturing into adults who can accept who they are, deal with setbacks and confidently handle their emotions.

Being ‘ready for modern life’

Being ‘ready for modern life’

The notion of being ‘ready for modern life’, simply means acknowledging that young people are having to live and learn in a world that’s very different to the environment most of us grew up in.

It’s unprecedented - characterised by increasing complexity, where there’s more choice, more uncertainty and more risk – all driven by advances in technology.

Essentially, this means that children are having more demands placed on them. This calls for emotionally strong, empowered and positive young people, that have the courage to embrace change.

We offer support, advice and coping strategies that help young people embrace twenty-first century challenges and manage the ever-increasing pressure they’re under. The end game is to equip the children, families, carers and educators with the help they need to navigate modern life and hopefully play some part in reducing the risk of mental health issues developing as they transition into adulthood.